Pyramid Vastu or Pyra-vastu is a practicle art to harmonize-mind, body and spirit with the environment, by just placing pre-programmed “Pyramid Yantra” at appropriate locations: to achieve Health, Happiness and Prosperity. Pyra Vastu is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and law of the universe. Here you are utilizing your own hidden capabilities to achieve a better tomorrow.

You can change Fortune & Boost Career with Pyra Card set • Pyron • Pyramid Swastik (Gold or Mini) • Wish Pyramid • Harmony Pyramid • Marriage Pyramid • Pyra Angle • Pyra Booster • Pyra Max Pyramid • Pyra Protect (Inside & Outside) • Pyra Divider • Pyra Cap • Pyra Car Pyramid • Pyra Balance • Pyra Mantra Pyramid • Pyra Staircase • Pyra Energy Plate • Pyra Education Pyramid • Pyra Bemor • Pyra Fortune Plate & hundreds of other Pyramid related items.


Pyramid Vastu or Pyra-vastu is a practicle art to harmonize-mind, body and spirit with the environment, by just placing pre-programmed “Pyramid Yantra” at appropriate locations: to achieve health, happiness and prosperity. Pyra vastu is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and law of the universe. Here you are utilizing you r own hidden capabilities to achieve a better tomorrow. Pyra vastu is ideal for correcting vastu or feng shui defects without physical alteration, shifiting or breaking home or work place. It deals with the roots or vital force, behind all action within it. It is totally innovative concept of subtle level correction with pyramids based on mind over matter. It deals with our inbuilt power and ability of Mind-Body-Emotion. This powerful intention at the core level induces energy within us.


This unique swastika is an auspicious symbol of fortune & wellness. The multipurpose Pyra Vastu Swastika Gold can be used to bring prosperity, success and speedy progress at home and workplace. It is also very effective for cash and sales counters and at spiritual places. Feature consists power of 729 inbuilt pyramids in grid of 81 , Red Swastik pyramid grid and bottom activator with 8 copper plus 1 gold energy radiator. Also added power of 5 gold pyramid for vital pyra centres. It can be used in multiples of 3 or 9 . Just place your swastika between hands with positive mind and programme it or personalize with personal wish. You can now stick or fix it with brass screw wherever you require.


This is a mini version of Pyra-vastu swastika. Uses of this pyramid are numerous. Minor defect can be easily corrected with this mini swastika. Use of this swastika in multiple of 3 can give desired result.


Copper Mantra Pyramid contains Shri Yantra on one side with three auspicious Mantras i.e. kuber yantra, kanakdhara yantra and ganesh yantra on its other sides.You can install it in house, shop/office and in temple.  It helps to improves income, brings peace and harmony. It saves house from the negative effects and evil eyes. It is also used to remove vastu defects by installing it in the north east corner of the house. Keep pyramid in such a way so that Shri yantra faces East side.


Vastu pyramids are ideal for home, office or factory. They are available with or without stickers. Can be placed on the table or prayer room or any corner. It can be used under the plot or even in the wall. Its uses are unlimited to cure any vastu or feng shui defect.


Make fortune from your own birth date. Just do a simple calculation with your date of birth, find your fortunate numbers and make your personal pyra card accordingly. Feel the difference in your life. These are new pocket size pyramid card are ready to use. You can keep it in your pocket, purse or a bag that you carry with you. This innovative way for personal vastu and harmony gives miraculous results. Pyra cards are available for various purpose such as: luck & fortune, Money & Finance, Energy & Vitality and for business & carrer.


Pre-programmed , dual energy tool for 9 specific purporses. PYRON with its mystical powers can enhance the essence of life including prosperity, marriage, health, career opportunites and luck. It has inbuilt pyramid yantra with 9 pyramid and 81 base pyramids. Also to add more power it is enriched with 9 pre-programmed copper discs at the bottom. On the top of pyron, a computer-uplifted specific silver code to solve your everyday problems. Pyron are easy to use, just fix appropriate pyron in your room at visible range on particular direction. (Available in kit of 9 and also singles)

• Pyron-Pink-Love  • Pyron-Red-Fame • Pyron-Live Green-Wealth • Pyron-Green-Family relationship • Pyron-Brown-Education • Pyron-Blue-Career • Pyron-Metalic-Helpful Friends • Pyron-Grey-Children • Pyron-Yellow-Health


Excellent and more accurate tool for power packed result. According to vastu, each corner should be at 90 degree angle, but it is generally not so. Such situation creates disharmony in the premises. This new pyra angle is created to correct and safeguard the corners of each room. Just fix all 4 pyra angle in room near the corner(on the ceiling). It is powered with copper base plate and center programme plate. Just explore a new demotions to better vastu solution with this new pyramid yantra.


Pyra strip is a virtual energy partition. This is most effective, innovative and practical tool for vastu or feng shui correction. This pyra strip gives you a easy solution to parting of room, toilet door etc. It can cut unwanted energy parts and low-high energy disturbance. Fix pyra strip on ceiling or on the floor or on the wall and it starts working as a virtual partition.


A highly successful wish machine is a new way to make your dream and wishes come true. Due to it’s special 9 x 9 pyramid top it has more power to enhance your wish. The innovative concept of “Copper Wish Chamber” is introduced for the first time to get accurate and fast result. A ’Pre-programmed gold disc is inbuilt at the bottom plate, so you can make it more personalized by charging. Just write your wish on a piece of paper and place inside the dome.  As approved & experienced by millions of people all over the world , pyramid wish is one of the most personal, effective and easy way to convert your wish in to reality.


Swastika is a auspicious & holy symbol of Indian tradition. Swastika is given priority in beginning of any good work. ( Swa means good or auspicious & astik means presence ). Swastika and pyramid combination is found very effective in enhancing positive vibration of any premises. It saves from negative influnces. You can place it above the main door(outside) or on any wall having vastu defect in that area. This good luck charm can be fixed on your car near the dash board.


Protect 9x 9 outside is a unique instrument made first time in world for protection and good luck. It is must for every door. Protect 9 x 9 outside consists of a gold plate in centre which helps in protecting your house from killing energy e.g. sharp object pointing towards your door, pole or transformer facing your door or existence of water at wrong side. Protect 9 x 9 not only protect but attracts helpful energies to bring you good luck. It has to be fixed only outside the house.This pyramid protect has energetic gold plate in centre, which is made to preprogram or personalized your yantra before installing.


This protects from evil energy, sha chi of any sharp corner of object,door, beam or staircase. Also protects from bad energy of visitors to your house. It enhances good luck . It is very easy to use, just place it between your two hands and make an intense wish for the purpose.


Disturbance created by computer and many modern electronic gadgets in atmosphere as well as on the health of people is very much harmful. Wooden pyramid are highly used for calming the electro-magnetic stress. You can fix it on the computer monitor or server or even on the television sets. Wooden pyramid captures saves from harmful rays.


It is essential to make vehicle in harmony with you by fixing “protect 9 x 9 Car on your car for protection, safety and efficiency. Protect 9 x 9 car creates positive energy, which makes your neurobody control better and this helps you to take clear decicions in crucial moments & balance your mind. Pre-programmed 8 copper & 1 gold pyramid chips.


This heavy copper pyramid set contains pyramid top, pyramid plate and 9 pyramid chips made from copper. Effect of this copper pyramid is very fast and more accurate.

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